Classes at All Nations

Here at All Nations, we want to facilitate the healthy spiritual growth of our members. To do so, we have created a road map for discipleship at our church. If you have any questions about the classes, please email us at

Christianity Explored is a 7-week course for people who are still unsure about their faith or feel like they need to brush up on the fundamentals of the Gospel. This class will be guided by the book of Mark and explores the life and ministry of Jesus. This class will be offered again in Spring 2020.

Our Discipleship 101: “Gospel Foundations” class will be discussing the book The Gospel-Centered Life in small groups that are guided by a leader. The goal of this class is to increase your love and need for the good news of Jesus Christ, while also building relationships with fellow members of the church body. Discipleship 101 will be offered again in Spring 2020.

For Christians to grow and mature in their faith, they need to rely more and more on God’s grace. Spiritual disciplines help us to be in a correct posture to ask for and receive more of Jesus’ goodness and mercy. Using the book Habits of Grace, we will be exploring ways in which we can incorporate the rhythms of grace. Discipleship 201 will be offered again in Spring 2020.

In this class, we will be learning about how to read, study, and teach the Bible. This class will be offered in Spring 2020.