Junior High and High School Ministries


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9:30 AM & 11:30 AM in M800

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Junior High

Junior High is an integral and extremely influential time in a person’s life. Therefore, we strive to plant seeds of the gospel through relationships and teach students the beginning steps of what love and community through Jesus Christ are. We place a heavy emphasis on small groups and community through these groups in order to reach every student and create meaningful personal relationships. Our hope is that through these small groups students will experience true community and learn what the gospel means.

Sunday Service Times

9:30 AM & 11:30 AM in M800

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high school

Our desire is for our students to experience genuine life change through a growing relationship with Jesus. Our hope is that they would know Jesus intimately and make Him the priority in their life. We believe the most important thing the church can provide to help them with this is to connect them into an authentic and intentional discipleship making family. 


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